How to deactivate the flash on play button?

Long press on play button.


How to change the number of notes on a beat?

Long press on the beat and drag down to add or up to substract notes.


How to keep the sounds changing rhythms while playing?

Keep the padlock closed.


How to play without fills?

Go to the "Jamming" section and set "Bars for a fill" Off.


How to play the rhythm exactly as programmed, without variations?

Go to the "Jamming" section and keep the "Jam Intensity" slider on the left.


Why RDM doesn't sound?

A reported bug on iOS Core Framework makes some weird behaviour to stop sounding after a incoming call.

The only solution at the moment is to close the app and reopen it.

How to edit song parts?

Double tap in a part shows the edit window where you can edit or delete..